Albrici, moving to Florence

The antiques dealer from Florence Scipione Coppini often came in Brescia, as he, already an old man, and his parner Maria Sonatori (1893-1966), became good customers and friends of Angelo Albrici.
The friendship lasted until the outbreak of the war, when everything was interrupted by a lack of reciprocal news.
The duo had an antiques store in Florence, in Via dei Serragli, already owned by the family of Mr. Scipione, who had excellent antiquarian knowledge and was a specialist in antique furniture.

At the end of the war Maria Sonatori was alone after the death of Mr. Scipione in 1944.
She wrote to Angelo begging him to help her recover the store activities, as she had poor health and was unable to travel, which had become difficult for everyone at the time.
Angelo, who in the meantime with the help of his two sons Antonio and Giambattista, had reopened his store resorting to the old business of junk dealer and reminiscent of the old friendship, he committed himself to help her, and began to send her in 1946 old traditional furniture, resuming slowly the relationship that had been forcibly interrupted.

The son Antonio Albrici was commissioned to follow the supply of goods to the store of Mrs. Sonatori, temporarily moving to Florence himself in 1946, committing to help the woman in arranging the warehouse and the store.
Antonio was considered as a son, and Mrs. Sonatori would have gladly held him in Florence with great affection, that Antonio reciprocated with youthful enthusiasm for the job.

In the fall of 1948 Maria Sonatori fell seriously ill and remained in bed sick for a few months.
The activity of the store continued with Antonio, then eighteen years old, who stayed in Florence for the whole time of the disease.
The important experience however didn't turn into a permanent stay of Antonio in Florence, for the need of his father Angelo to avail himself of the contribution of the son.

In 1960 Maria's desire to terminate her activity brought Antonio back to Florence.