Albrici: a New Beginning

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1961: Albrici & Paderni

Given the chance to work in Florence, Antonio Albrici, unable to leave the store operations in Brescia, involves his friend Giovanni Paderni, who moves with his family to Florence, a city he had never seen before, leading to the creation in 1961 of the Albrici & Paderni company.

Albrici, moving to Florence

The frequent visits to the store of Angelo Albrici in Brescia of an elderly Florentine antique dealer lead to the birth of a friendship between the two men. The relationship,after being interrupted by the outbreak of World War II, leads Antonio Albrici, Angelo's son, to move temporarily to Florence in 1946.

The Roots

Towards the end of the 1920s and until World War II several antiques dealers, mostly from Milan, Venice and Florence, arrived in Brescia in search of ancient things. They turned in particular to small traders or artisans, often unprepared, to research old things in provincial towns, with the hope of doing good business in areas not yet beaten by antiques experts...


Albrici Antiques in Florence
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